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Signs Of Foundation Problems

Having problems with your home's foundation can be an incredibly difficult and costly issue to address, especially if not caught quickly or left unresolved. It is essential that homeowners are proactive in monitoring their foundation for any cracks, shifting, settling, or other red flags of structural damage.

Early prevention such as waterproofing and utilizing proper drainage systems are recommended to help mitigate the risk of future issues with your foundation. Taking necessary steps to ensure the stability of your home's foundation is vitally important in protecting both the functionality and value of your property.

floor cracks

Floor Cracks

When the soil below concrete floors cannot support the load/weight, it leads to cracking.

wall cracks

Wall Cracks

Unlike some symptoms, wall cracks can be an obvious sign that the structural integrity of your home is diminished.

uneven floors

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors can be an indicator of more serious problems. Some causes are: foundation problems sagging or growing joists (could be damages, infested with termites)

sticking windows doors

Sticking Windows & Doors

When walls and floors begin to shift, it can often be hard to notice. One clear sign that something is wrong with your home’s foundation is doors and windows not opening or closing freely.

sinking settlement

Sinking Settlement

Soil beneath your home will consolidate, or sometimes even washout. When this happens, the result is sinking/settling, which in turn can lead to other signs, such as cracks.

bowing walls

Bowing Walls

One of the most severe problems associated with foundation issues is bowing walls. This symptom gets worse with time so it is important to address it with a professional when noticed.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Cracks in the foundation can occur for many reasons such as house settling or simply wear and tear over time. In our local area, there is an abundant amount of clay soil, which can cause foundatiotion issues to be a more prevalent issue.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Homeowners should always be proactive in maintaining their homes, especially the foundation. West Foundation Services can help prevent costly damage and repairs by offering elite expertise in foundation repair services. Our experienced structural technicians will identify potential issues such as soil erosion or improper water management that can lead to costly repercussions for homeowners down the line if not addressed properly. With West Foundation Services, you can rest assured your home’s foundation is kept safe from settlement.



This stabilization system is less expensive than fully replacing your foundation. Piers are not visible after installation and this system is designed to meet IRC and ICC requirements.

push foundation repair


Although the installation method slightly differs from that used to install the Helical Pier System, the Push Pier System is just as effective in permanently stabilizing your home without fully replacing your foundation.

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