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If your concrete is cracking and sinking, West Foundation Services is here to save the day with efficient concrete leveling services! Our concrete leveling experts use advanced techniques to identify the underlying problem -- oftentimes poor support under the slab -- and then quickly and effectively level the concrete.

We have years of experience, so you can trust us to provide reliable results that last. With our concrete leveling services, you won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance and management costs; we will make sure your concrete stays leveled and strong for many years to come.


Symptoms Of Concrete Issues

Concrete leveling services can be a real lifesaver when it comes to concrete foundations. Looking out for potential concrete damage is essential if you want to protect the stability of your home or other structures. Some symptoms of concrete issues include uneven concrete surfaces or places where concrete has sunken below the original required level.

Cracking, spalling, and flaking concrete are also signs that your concrete issue may need attention. By looking for these common problems, you can ensure your property remains safe from future hazardous damage associated with concrete foundation issues.

cracked driveway

Cracked Or Uneven Driveway

If you are seeing cracked or uneven concrete, no need to worry or panic, however it is a sign that you should not ignore. Call a professional for inspections to see exactly what is causing it and how severe it is.

sinking concrete

Sinking Concrete Steps Or Sidewalks

Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks can be an eyesore, and not to mention a safety hazard. Concrete is heavy and the soil underneath has to be able to support that weight for it to stay in place. If it cannot, the concrete will sink and create an uneven surface that not only looks bad but can also be dangerous if someone tries to walk on it. In order to ensure safe walking surfaces it's important to make sure that your sidewalk or steps are laid with sufficient support beneath them so they don't shift over time.

Sinking Stoop

Causes of Concrete Sinking/Cracking

Uneven concrete, like sinking and cracking, is a problem that can occur over time in many locations. Some of the most common areas include driveways, sidewalks, patios, and garage floors. A number of things can contribute to this issue, such as frequent freeze-thaw cycles in your environment or incorrect placement during installation.  

Another occurrence often found with a concrete slab sinking, is cracks. If portions of the soil beneath the concrete slab support its weight, but other portions do not, this will lead to the concrete slab cracking and leave the homeowner with concrete that is not level.

Moisture is detrimental to the overall health and durability of concrete. When temperatures are high, moisture can get into the pores of concrete as it expands, however when the temperature outside lowers, the moisture can get trapped in the concrete, and potentially freeze if the temperature gets low enough.

The expansion of moisture in the pores will damage the concrete slab over time. This could lead to the slab pitting and flaking.

Concrete Leveling Solutions

With the advent of more reliable, advanced technologies, concrete leveling solutions are becoming increasingly effective. Our leveling process uses a polymer-based foam to raise and level slabs that have settled over time or been damaged. The fast and relatively easy application means we can work quickly with minimal interruption to your property.

Our polyjacking method also provides a stronger and longer-lasting product than comparably outdated methods like slab jacking (aka mudjacking) or full replacement of the concrete. Thanks to our technology you can rest assured that when it comes to sunken concrete issues, you’ll only have to take care of the problem once!

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