The West Foundation Services Promise

West Foundation Services is a local foundation solutions provider that you can trust. With extensive experience in foundation repair, waterproofing, and crawl space repair, our team has the knowledge and capabilities to assist you with all of your foundation needs.

Our Foundation Company's Core Values Begin With You 

Our mission is to provide superior repair solutions at a fair price. We believe in integrity-based work, transparency with our customers, and doing every job the correct way, the first time.

Our team is your local resource of foundation repair expertise in Alabama - Tennessee Valley. Our team of professionals work with homeowners throughout the area to identify, repair, and mitigate any foundation issues that could result in costly home repairs.

At West Foundation Services, we strive to offer our customers peace of mind. We take the time to educate every customer on the causes of their foundation issues while offering solutions that are efficiently implemented and have effective long-term results.

A man reparing a crawlspace

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We’ve got your back! Our experts will do a comprehensive inspection of your property, leaving no room for surprises for the future.


Foundation Repair

Problems with your home's foundation can be the leading cause of many other issues with your home and should be inspected by a professional as soon as it is noticed to prevent costly damages from occurring later.

Crawl Space Repair

Whether it is rotting wood, sump pumps, concrete cracking, or crawl space related, West Foundation Services has you covered for all of your basement repair needs.


Professional Concrete Removal, Replacement, And Repair

If your concrete slab cannot be salvaged with our concrete lifting services, West Foundation also offers concrete removal/replacement solutions. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible job, keeping your budget in mind.

Concrete Raising

Concrete problems can be an easy way to reveal issues with your foundation. Cracking and pitting are examples of signs leading to other corresponding problems.


Rotten Wood Replacement

Combining wood, moisture, oxygen and warmth will result in the wood rotting over time. This will inevitably result in the structural integrity of your home being compromised.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing makes certain that you are keeping water out of your basement and preventing water intrusion. Moisture in your home can be the beginning of several other foundation related problems if not addressed.